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4 Things You Can Do To Improve the Success of Your Electroplating Operation

Over the years, people have gathered plenty of tips and tricks that make the electroplating process easier. Following these is a great way to ensure success in your operation. Here are the most notable things you can incorporate into your process.

  1. Activation

While most people overlook it, activation is one of the most important steps in the chromium electroplating process. This step removes the oxide layer, which forms due to chemical processes and can diminish the plating results.

  1. Agitation

Like activation, agitation is also overlooked by many people. Yet, it is the part of the process that enhances the quality of the finished result. Agitation involves removing materials from the surface of the metal, so there are no impurities in the final product, which is thicker and was placed more efficiently.

While most people believe this step is only necessary for zinc, it is beneficial for any metal. It can even be performed on sensitive copper. Just make sure it is done using the proper equipment and technique, so the final result does not appear dull.

  1. Brush Plating

If you need to plate small parts or spot treat items that you can’t disassemble, brush plating is the best option. It is a technique that can be used to create thin decorative coatings and thicker protective layers. However, it is only used on a specific spot, making it perfect for repairs.

  1. Temperature

To ensure your plating tanks stay warm enough for the procedure when it is cold outside, you should consider a form of heating. Heating is always a good idea, even if your shop is heated. Some easy ways to heat your tanks include setting them inside larger tanks with boiling water, adding boiling water bottles to the solution, sitting tanks on heat mats, and installing thermostatic heaters.

Experience has led to numerous hacks that can make the plating process easier and more successful. Consider incorporating some of these items into your practice if you want to improve your results.