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3 Ways To Upgrade Your Kitchen

Are you tired of your dull kitchen? Are you looking for ways to update it but are unsure what to do? With a bit of elbow grease and hard work, you can create the kitchen of your dreams without emptying your pockets in the process. 

Change Your Countertops

Nothing screams outdated like a countertop that hasn’t been changed since the ’70s. You can look to countertops Brookfield services to help guide you in the process, or you can change them yourself. If you don’t want to completely rip them out and start from scratch, consider getting a kit where you can refinish them yourself. Available finishes range from granite to marble, so you won’t be sacrificing on looks while you are saving on cost.

Refinish Cabinets

Over time cabinets can get worn and dull looking. Paint can peel, and wood can get dinged. Draw hardware goes out of fashion and can even be lost or damaged. Completely replacing your cabinets can be a time-intensive and expensive cost. A more cost-effective option is refinishing them yourself. Remove the cabinet doors and hardware before sanding everything. If you already have a layer of paint on the cabinets, you’ll want to remove that first. Choose a new paint color that complements but doesn’t overwhelm your kitchen. When choosing replacement hardware, choose pulls or knobs that suit your personality and are the right size for the cabinet or drawer that it is being placed on. 

Upgrade appliances

Old appliances can bring down a kitchen’s look. Their color or finish can dull over time, and they can even stop functioning correctly. You can look for previously used appliances that are still in good condition or look for sales at your local home goods store. If you’re lucky and your devices are still working correctly but need a facelift, consider buying special paint specifically for refacing your outdated kitchen appliances.