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3 Great Backyard Upgrades That Inspire Kids To Be Active

Every parent wants what’s best for a child, and a big part of boosting the health of your kids is making sure that they’re getting plenty of healthy physical movement. It can often be a challenge to get kids to put down the electronics and get moving, though. Here are three things you can add to your backyard to encourage your kids to get more activity each day.

  1. Install a Swimming Pool

Inspire your kids to head outdoors for some healthy activity by adding a fun and functional swimming pool to your backyard. The most cost-effective way to add this great feature to backyard is installing a fiberglass in-ground pool. Contact your local experts in fiberglass in-ground pools Missouri to select and install the perfect pool for your budget and your family’s needs.

  1. Create an Obstacle Course

An easy way to inspire activity in kids of all ages is by designing and constructing your own backyard obstacle course. Include features like a rope swing, rock-climbing wall and tire run in your course. The best part about creating your own course is that you have the ability to switch up the course as your kids get older, keeping even older teens active and engaged.

  1. Set Up a Game Court

A game court in your backyard encourages friendly competition among your kids. Find a level surface and pour a concrete pad as the base for your game court, then place interlocking polypropylene tiles to create the perfect surface for basketball, tennis or volleyball matches. These tiles stand up to even the harshest outdoor elements and they’re slip-resistant, too, allowing your kids to play safely for years to come.

Activity and movement are essential to the health of children and teens. Follow the tips above to provide your kids with fun ways to stay healthy and get exercise at home.